It's like I'm tired of life
Lord I'm wrong, why I can't get right?
And when it's dark, why I can't get light
And why it can't be light?
It's so heavy, why my sin won't let me see the end?
Come get me, please get me
My thoughts, my mind, my ways, all evil
I'm supposed to be Your people
I'm supposed to see Your sequel
I said I'll never leave You, but I'm so left
I ain't right Lord, I'm sleepin' with death
Man I'm cheatin' with death
Am I deaf, it's like I don't hear You
I say that I'm a Christian but it's like I don't fear You
I'm on a selfish island and I am nowhere near You
God I really need You even though I don't appear to
I'm drinkin' out a broken cistern that could never hold water
And I'm soon to get burned
Though I try I never satisfy or quench this yearn
I hear You callin' but it's like a fight for me to just turn
Lord I deserve to burn

Help me Lord before there's no time left
I ain't livin' I'm just breathin' to death
I ain't livin' I'm just breathin' to death
I ain't livin' I'm just breathin' to death
Help me Lord before there's no time left
I ain't livin' I'm just breathin' to death
Your ways are perfect and they lead me to rest
Mine are evil and they lead me to death

I'm feelin' schizophrenic, maybe I ain't saved
Cause I gotta get high just to block out all the pain
Seen death, seen hurt, seen a whole lotta things
Instead of runnin' from it, I'm runnin' away from change
It's like I'm outside in the ice cold weather
The rain's comin' down, I keep gettin' wetter
I know I'm gettin' sick and I could die any second
But still I refuse to let Your truths make me better
I'd rather eat flies and maggots instead of bread
And it's killin' me slow, but I can't get it through my head
You were stabbed, You were murdered, and for me is why You bled
But I spit on Your bloody face as if I never caredAnd Lord how dare I compare my pain
Your Father turned His back, and You were left to hang
I don't know why You did it, that I can't explain
How can You love this sinner, who's desecrated Your name
Now I deserve the flames


I know I tell lies, I know do dirt
Apart from You I'm nothin', but You can give me worth
I don't know if I know You, but still I know I should
I know these days are evil and only You are good
I've to this conclusion, I would like to change
Cause all the world's money and fame cannot sustain
I know that I should turn but that's the hardest thing
Cause do I really feel that havin' Jesus is my gain
The world is so temptin', Satan is a beast
He hypnotizes my eye to say the least
But Jesus be my treasure, to know You is to live
And I am here dyin', tryin' everything there is
All I need here is You, help me turn away from sin
Lord give me grace to turn away the fear, to not give in
I know that I'm not perfect, but I could rest in Him
I know I don't deserve it, but still I'll take Your hand
Lord let me take Your hand


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