You done had it wit this
If broke is a habit I guess you back at it again
You need a change
Plus you need some answers
Cause you just lost your moms to cancer
You really need a change
You done tried all the drugs
And from Vegas to NY you been to all the clubs
You wanna change
You done tried new shoes and you done tried new clothes
But you still low
So you know you gotta change
Maybe you could get you a new you
A new crew, a new do, that might suit you
And your change
A new somebody to lay with
Cause the last 5 just ain't make it
They all better change
A brand new car on 6's
The one you got now needs fixin'
And plus an oil change
You done tried a new place, new clothes, new tastes
New ways, new face, but you still need a change

You don't really know what you were put here for
But before you go
You lookin' for a change
You trying find a home you can call your own
You way too grown to making that chump change
Life's too short you been down too long
You see them clothes, it's time for you to change

Now you got Oprah on
Thinking maybe she can help you out your hopeless zone
She gone change you
You even tried the church
The pastor gave you a bunch of rules, they ain't seem to work
You dont change
You tried another one though
It gotcha feelin' good inside and gotcha runnin' for mo'
And mo' change
But it's all about you, not God
Not truth, just because you wear the suit
Don't mean you been changed
Is Christ is just a means to money
Plus health, you the master and He's the dummy?
No change
Well if not that
Then maybe it's better to be confused and forget all facts
And all change
Still been chasing that change
And look where it got you, depressed, ain't a thing
You ain't making no change
You done tried to find God
The horoscopes and the stars, still ain't gettin' very far
So far no change


What if life ain't supposed to be gravy
Full of hurt, pain, death, rape, murder and craziness
If God made everything good
Then why you still gotta live in the hood, what's really good man
It goes back to Adam in Eden
When he ate that fruit believin' somehow that he could change
Man disobeys God, now both are at odds
And life is just hard cause our hearts need change
You can't find hope in cars
Hope in money, or people, only hope in God, He can change you
And Jesus felt the pain
He was hated, hurt, slandered and slain, but His death brought change
So be a slave to your sin
Hate God, love money, love lies, Christ died so you can change
It's kinda fun for a while, but you'll lose that smile
When your lights go out and the pain won't change


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