Verse 1
Here we go with another one.
--- It'll keep you hot when the Summer comes.
But then it's over when the Summer's gone.
But we gotta represent Him, dog, then the Son will come.
No, we ain't slaves no more.
We don't follow our sinful ways no more, we don't see a purple haze no more, them ways no more, them days no more.
Folks lookin' at me like I'm crazy.
Yep, that's my name, that's the way God made me.
Get the Word out and don't be a spiritual baby.
Then open the Book and you'll be growin' a daily.
(Beyond Belief!)

Yeah, get 'cha hands up high,
Get 'em in the air, try ta touch that sky,
Yall know we gon' rep the Most High,
Yeah, we gon' rep the Most High.
Get 'cho hands down low,
Get 'em down there try ta touch that floor,
Yall know that's the way to --
Yeah ya know that's the way to --

Verse 2
Yeah, I hope this works.
There's more to life in Christ than just shirts.
God made Adam and breathed him from the dirt.
Then he sinned and had fall under the curse.
But you think you got it to get it you gotta live it dog, you gotta read it, believe it, and go and get it dog.
But I've never seen a lazy boy grow.
Though I know a couple of 'em,
Who be sayin' that they love Him,
But they never really get out there and go, so.
Back to the fact that we ask to relax,
And say, "Hey, I'm saved, no need for me to act!"
Instead of growin' in Christ and learnin' to reinact, the lifestyle He lived, now homie, you seein' that?


Hey Ed, it's yo birthday, move to the left,
It's yo birthday move to the right,
It's yo birthday but you gotta throw some more so get thirsty! (2x)


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