(HOOK)You make me happy, Happy that I couldn't,love me without
you, Anit no one out there that can, Do me like you do, And I
cant't help but smile, when I think about, Cause yo make me so

I'm happy cause i'm around you But I still feel alone I'm mad
for 1 man 2 kids and a dog don't make no house a home but I
found out that I just can't be without you beside me there's no
doubt that your love has turned my life around.


I got more friends than I can count and I just fell in love, my
career anit doing so bad right now but nothing compares to ya.
You bring me joy I cant explain even if I had the time, you put
a big smile on my face everytime you come to mind.


I could never never find another soul cause there is no other
that makes me feel this who picks me up when i'm down who makes
me smile when I frown who makes the love go around and i just
wanna say

(hook until fade out)

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