So glad to be here breathing walking talking yeah
Living loving you yeah is all I wanna do
Gotta lift my hands every time I get a chance
Gotta let you know I love living this life with you

Wonder why I smile, why I'm so happy now
'cause it wasn't always like this, yeah it took me awhile
to figure out that you were all that I need
and nothing has been better than the love you've shown me


{Mary Mary}
It could have been me living on the streets with no food to eat
But I thank God that ain't my story
So I won't complain, i won't sing no sad songs
'Cause everything ain't right but everything ain't wrong


You've been good to me
Better than anyone could be
And I'm just living for the love of you
All I need you are
Only you brought me this far
And I cant imagine life without you

{Refrão} 5x

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