I thought that I could fix it on my own
The sickness deep in my heart
I thought that I could find the healing deep inside of me
Underneath all these scars

I had to fall, had to fall apart
To find that You …

Love me even after
I am a disaster
Everything is shattered
On the floor
You pick me up and hold me
God, You are the only
Remedy my heart’s been looking for
You’re the cure

I had my kingdom
Yeah, I had my throne
Had everything I could need
I built my world on empty promises, empty things
It ripped apart at the seams

I had to crash, had to crash and burn
To find that You…

You’re the cure…

Since the day that I was born
I was broken and torn
So human, so incomplete
But You never gave up
Never lessened Your love
That’s the way that You’ll always be

I had to fall apart to find…

You’re the cure…

I thought that I could fix it on my own…

You’re the cure…

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