You ever seen a brother or sister who could cure a disease?
I hadn't but I wanted to show the world that nothing's impossible if they can believe
They're gonna see a miracle
I didn't know what to do so I went running to You to find that cure
Now I know for sure…

I'm done looking around, I finally figured it out
It's more than metaphysical
You got me up from down, faith has shattered my doubts
I believe in miracles

I knew what I wanted to do but just like gravity's pull I always did the opposite
Life was a meaningless party, I started to fall into a bottomless hole
But then I got a miracle
Some people don't have a clue if all of this could be true
But take a look at me - I was blind but now I see…

There's something that's missing if we can't recognize that our own existence
Is the miracle before our eyes

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