When You breathed the spark of light into the void
The shadows ran away from Your voice
In the darkness now I’m falling to my knees
Will You speak that same voice to me

From emptiness, You speak life
Defeating fear every time

I hear Your voice it whispers my name
And all at once You quiet my pain
If Your voice lit the sun
And night was overcome
You can speak and light up my world
With just one word

At Your voice the blind begin to see
And the lame can walk, the captives are set free
A hardened heart can finally start to feel
Will You speak that same voice to me

From ashes, Lord, You make beauty
You make me new, when You speak to me

With just one word
The stone rolled away
With just one word
You conquered the grave
‘Cause when You speak
The dead are raised
So here I am, on my face

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