Livin’ in this world
Can be like a desert
It can leave me dry and alone
Lookin’ for safety
Runnin' on empty
Takin’ all I have to go on

But You, You fill up my cup and I'm overwhelmed
Yeah You, You give me a Hope that never ends

There's no limit to the love that You give me
I go swimming in a sea of forgiveness
I know You're the only reason I'm livin’… I overflow
I overflow… I overflowI overflow… I overflow

The love that I’m filled with
I can't help but give it
I wanna see joy flood this world
Watch all the nations
Return to their Savior
Bringing heaven down to this earth

It’s over the top
Your love never stops
Rushin’ through my heart
I can't contain
I get carried away
In all that You are

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