There was a home in town
Where broken kids the lost and found
Would come from miles around
Just to see what love was all about
‘Cause momma had a way
Of making things ok

She'd cook us our favorite meal
Sit and listen to how we feel
Oh, how the pain was real
How many families would the devil steal
Momma had a way of making things ok

In that home we knew we were safe
To be young enough to dream
To find the faith to believe
And in that home love it had no end
That’s where we learned to forgive
In that home

Momma always had the music on
Sometimes loud, sometimes soft
When I asked about her favorite song
She opened the bible to the book of psalms
She always found a way
To talk about grace

And on that day I got the news
That momma’s stay here was almost through
I stayed all night by her side
Held her hand looked in her eyes
And said momma

When you’re home I know you’ll be safe
Strong enough to see
The faith that you believe
In that home life will have no end
I know I’ll see you again

In that home
In that home
In that home

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