With ebony-feathered wings through the dark I fly
I am the night-spirit
Like a shade upon the star-spangled sky
Alone, like a voyager of dreams - unknown
I fly away - through the shimmering moonlight
I ride the frozen winds of twilight until the end of time

The sun has fallen from the sky, into a roaring sea of blood to drown
Never again to spread its tainted light, upon the flooded shores of Eden
Never more - will the sun arise from the horizon
All is dark and silent

My raven eyes, like astral fire, beholds the desolate lands below
I feel the pulse of nocturnal wisdom - within my heart

Enrobed in black - above the meadows of Eden
The moon reflects upon my somber wings

So endless dark, the aeons to come will be
I soar into another dream
I am as one, with the night that burns in me

From the gardens of stars a carillion serenade, invites me to the twilight, invisible, ballet
Dancing with ghosts I darkly parade, as a shade in their grotesque act of masquerade
Behind a smile of revelation I hide, under the cloak of time
I'm the misanthropic messiah in disguise, from the shadows to rise

The drencher - divine
A deluge from my celestial skies
Spattered in blood, my angels I deign to drown
Dei gratia…Carnifex

Another dream, from sinister tongues, whispers crawls in me
"The vast is thine - without form, and void"
All is calm
Beneath my wings the plain lies dead and silent
Another dawn, a new beginning
Another breath before the dark

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