Laughter, in every corner, the devil smiles within me
Creeping shadows, hungry eyes, thirsty claws from dreams torn free
A spectral masquerade, in eerie veils of dark, the ghosts are gathered in a fleshless Danse Macabre

Silent whispers - the beast approaches - an itching breath upon my naked skin
Monstrum horrendum, informe, ingeus, cui lumen ademptum
Demon claws streched out for me…

But when I close my eyes it disappears
I'm still alone within myself
Munda cor meum ac labia mea
"The void is dark and so is thee"

Behind the mask of weeping stars, a black and bloodless heart, behind the shield of mirrorglass

With broken wings in the dust they crawl, the angels feathered in dark, as dying slaves of a withering god

A voice to strangle me, like dead fingers upon my throat…
"Obey me! Let me sculpture thy flesh to reflect my dreams, purge thy blood to be, from death and darkness - forever free"

I close my eyes to fall asleep, within the dust of blood and shattered memories
Another dream… De profundis clamavi…

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