Well she broke your heart into a million pieces
And your confidence is scattered on the wind
Your mind is set on never even tryin' love again
But you don't own the only heart that's been broken
Baby I've been through it all before
And the quickest way around that lonesome feeling
Is a plain and simple straight line to my door


Put yourself in my place
Come on over anytime
Put yourself in my lovin' arms
Baby I could change your mind
Yea I know just where you're coming from
Don't you think you've hurt enough
Honey put yourself in my place before you give up on love

Now I'm on the other side of a heartache
And if I can make it baby you can too
May you just need a little help now gettin' through
So before you think of throwin' the towel
Give me a chance to soften your mistake
True love is waitin' just inside these four walls
Baby it ain't never too late


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