It's been kicking around since '72
And there's not a whole lot that
it ain't been through
Never quite learned to play
by the rules
And there's one in every dreamer

Well, it's hung around
where it didn't belong
And given in when it
should've been strong
And you think by now it
would've turned to stone
But the flame burns
bright as ever


I got a rough and tumble heart
Well, it took a few falls till it got smart
But it's still tender in the deepest part
This rough and tumble heart, rough and tumble heart

Well, it's never lead a sheltered life
It knows love cuts deeper than the sharpest knife
And it struggled so long with the wrongs and rights
When there were no easy answers

Oh, it beats so lonely in the still of the night
Needing someone to hold it tight
And it never will give up the fight
For a love that lasts forever
A love that is forever


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