Why should the Father
Bother to call us His children?
Why should the Spirit
Hear it when we pray?
Why should the Father
Bother to be concerned with all our needs?
It's all because of what the Son has done

Once we were lost out on the ocean
With no direction or devotion
Tossed about by every wind and wave
Now we are in the world, not of it,
And we can surely rise above it
Because the Lord has risen from the grave

And we cry, "Abba, Father"
"Abba, Father", "Abba, Father"
"Abba, Father", "Abba, Father"
"Abba, Father"

Once were strangers from the promise
We were doubters, worse than Thomas
'Til the Spirit opened up our eyes
Now He has offered us adoption
And we have taken up the option
To be His family eternally

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