You have the right to remain silent, anything you say
Can and will be used against you in a court of law.
To strip away the myth from the man is only dealing
With the symptoms in this critical condition, the disease
is untouched.

You saw what they did to me,
Don't tell me to forget.
Have you no sense of decency?
How can you justify arrest?

And now the charges are enraged
(Within this ceremony)
Imprisoned with a kiss, betrayed
(Within this ceremony)
The crucifixion of the faith
For all the loved ones left unnamed
We fought to give them life,
We touched the very soul
In the ancient funeral, The ceremony rites.

His faith relentlessly attacked and discredited
When your enemy can find a way of twisting your
Motives, believe he will.
To be convicted without fatal charm's infection,
When the perfect light upon him was corrupted by void,
Self-righteously judged.
To die in the line of duty, I am complete in its truth.
If you have died to the world, what can the world do
to you?

Into the darkness of the night
(Begins the ceremony)
Into the shadow of a dream
(Begins the ceremony)
Announce the coming of the white prophet and take
This cup away from me,
And stand in the light the superstar beholds,
In the ancient funeral, the ceremony rites.

We are conceived as the first circle, the book of
Knowledge surely tells,
We are all part of an unseen conflict within the world
And within ourselves.

And now we're closer to the light
(Release this ceremony)
And now we must prepare the way
(Release this ceremony)
Remove the ancient boundaries to give the son of man
His day,
To roll away the stone and rise to the throne
In awaited resurrection, the Ceremony rites.

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