See the fire burn inside my eyes
See the liar turn inside my soul
Enter the Idol. Enter the Idol.
Let me show you casualties unknown
Let me take your hand to dreams unshown
Enter the Idol. Enter the Idol.

I've nothing to give, nothing to take,
I've no one to run to and no one to save,
I've no one to strengthen and no one to please,
I'd rather die standing than live on my knees.
I refuse to believe I'm condemned to deceive
You will see for the truth in embodied in me.

Enter the Horror, Enter the Saint, Enter the Idol
Enter the Idol, Enter the Idol.

The peril surrounding resurgence of doubt,
The alienation is stranded about.
The union of silence has sickened the day
A garden of verses will take me away, Take me away.

I circles of wisdom, distortion of rage In grace and in bondage my world is a stage,
My instincts insane, my obsessions ordained,
My powers increasing in self-righteous vain
Every wolf suffers fleas, every prophet's diseased.
Every legend convicted will fall to his knees.

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