And the evil empire came upon her Israel.
Blood will rise, the truth that hides
The Sword of Islam.

From the seed, the ancient blood of Abraham is come,
The roots of seething hatred
And the massacre of one.
Ishmael was born unto the flesh and not the promise,
Isaac born according to the covenant upon us.

She is life and she will fight
The Sword of Islam.
She is shown and she will know
The Sword of Islam.

Helplessly surrounded by the enemy,
His call,
She was born to die there
In the streets within the walls.
The terror lying at her door,
The arsenal from hell,
To drench the land of Palestine
With the blood of infidels.

Hatred owns the land that holds
The Sword of Islam.
Steal the fields, the hand that wields
The Sword of Islam.

Allah shall pronounce Jihad,
The holy war engaged,
The everlasting covenant has Ishmael enraged.
In his hand, divine command.
For the Zionist will fall.
Bring the Kings out of the south
Arabia and all, Arabia, Arabia.

For when they speak of peace and safety
The sudden death will sound.
He will climb the temple mount
To spoil the the sacred ground.
He will call the north to fall upon her in the storm.
Ishmael and God will sell
Their souls to slay the son of Israel.

They will crawl, the wailing wall,
The silence speaks the dawn.
Israel is bound in hell,
The Sword of Islam.

Israel is bound in hell,
The Sword of Islam.

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