Awake clothe yourself with my strength my betrothed one. Would you give it all to sit enthroned cuz I've watched you I chose you for mine mine alone who are you that you fear mortal man, oh what a saga don't you forget me know cuz I set you on high take your place know and be found at the seat for I am the lord your God who churns up the waves the waves of the sea Awake Do You see me. One day I'll speak your name I'm the one that I'm calling you out awake arise take your place now look in my eyes I'm calling you out Take my hand. Awake Holy Ones awake cherished daughters my honorable sons you are under attack quit standing there helpless Fight back I clothed you with grace as these demons assault you they spit in my face What lies you believe You Belong to Someone You belong to me You belong You me and I've covered you with my right hand and these Giants have dwelt too long in this land Yet my army arises awake O Zion Sleeping Giant. Awake arise And Build Up. Awake! Arise! And Build Up Wake O Zion Sleeping Giants

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