Witness to a youthful lust who made the same mistake guess he didn't know it would cost him everything he'd make Spied that young one through my window, oh the subtle path he didn't know the loss he didn't see the cost it will cost him everything.

Now he can't find and he can't understand why but you see cuz you cheat and believe that you're free but you know. Now he cant find the way he cant find the way around it'll cost him his life so wave goodbye shell kill you with a smile and slit your throat with a wink of her eye why oh brutal heart for a lie.

I was that man once I tell you the truth Id rather die. Die. He didn't see why can't he see the truth cuz adultery feels so good it takes away you. Disciples would you rise, I know there is sin you despise and say no, well I guess you'll never know now so wave goodbye and live like its so. Now he can't find the way. He can't find the way out. I was that man once I'd rather die.
Why can't you understand why
I only got one heart oh precious wellspring of life Why Oh why will you die, Leave this filth and pain in the past leave the darkness behind. Jesus Christ no other love why? Now you'll finally know your own mind you cant run this time your desperate to rest in the peace of the light Ill be kneeling right there at your side, Battering hell now I declare tonight. "Hell Relinquish Your Hold On My Sons"

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