Decision making comes now
To do the best I know how
Everyone watching me
To see what I belive

If I am willing to fold,
How far is to far to go?
Can I stand up to this?
Or will I swing and miss?

Im scared of this temptation
Feels like i'm gonna drown
under all this attenion
But you can't pull me down!

Throw it at me,
See if i'm ready
Can't touch my heart
'Cause ive got my lifegaurd!
Here to save me ,
He always will be.
Watching my heart,
My Lifegaurd.

Put on your real face now,
And show me what your about.
You were so cool, I thought.
But now I see your not!

Not even close to the truth.
I'll never give into you!
I'm through with failure,
This time it's over!

I know that this temptation,
Can't get the best of me.
Under all this attention.
I'll make you wait and see!


Never easy
I'm never getting more
Than I'm ready for.


My lifeguard!!

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