I watched you growing up living
Out the dream i had in mind
Until i messed it up
Making you believe in what was mine
I know i pushed too hard
To make you more than who
You really are
Let's go back to the start
I know i went too far i went to far

I only wanted you to have
More than i could ever dream of
I only wanted you to know
Everything i know and then some
I only wanted you to be more than
I could ever become
I only wanted, i only wanted you

So now we're far away holding on
To miles that separate still
Waiting for the day to say
Its not too late, it's not too late

I know it's not
What you want to hear
Nothing makes up for all the
Years i pray for the day you see
I tried to raise you the best i
Know how there's only one thing
I can hope you don't end up
Just like me

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