He dances at the bus stop
People look, he doesn't care
It's 'cause he knows he was born to dance
And maybe they were born to stare
We call him Mister DJ
He does what we wouldn't dare
His heartbeats turn streets to discos
Mister DJ take us there

So Mister DJ, come on start the party
Let your beats drop so we can dance
And no nobody can rock like you rock
And no nobody can dance your dance
Everybody dance

He dances at the bus stop
A superstar in his own way
And we write songs of the ones who dance
And let the critics fade away
So tell us Mister DJ, how you're free to live this way
He said, 'Follow your heartbeat to freedom
Let your heart be your DJ'

Someone needs to be the first to dance
The world stops without DJs
You can move the world if you take a chance
And let love shine fear away

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