David was a young blood. David was a stripling
But he looked like the jungle boy. That was talked about by Kipling
Well, he looked like a jungle boy and he sang like a bird
(But the fought like the devil when his temper got stirred)
When David was attending sheep for his pa
Somebody hollered, I think it was his ma
She said "Hurry to the field with this little-bitty sack
I want you to take it to your Brothers, but hurry right back"

Now David took his lunch box, and off he hurried
And there he saw the Israelites lookin' right worried
When he asked them what the problem was
They pointed to the prairie
There he saw a sight to make an elephant scary
Oh, there he saw Goliath, champion of Gath
He roared in his anger, howled in his wrath
Oh, he was stronger than a lion
He was taller than a tree
Little David had to tiptoe just to reach up to his knee

"Come on!" said the giant, raging and striding
"Bring out your strongmen from where y' got 'em hiding
Drag out your champions from under the bunks
I'll feed 'em to the buzzards, the lizards and the skunks"

Now David heard him bragging, and said, "I declare
That giant's got an awful lot of mouth up there"
So he strolled to the brook, and he picked up a pebble
It was smooth as ice, but hard as a devil

He starts out for the giant, dancing on his toes
He was whirling away with his slingshot
He was singing a song like so… goes:
"Rock of ages, cleft for me" - like so
The giant looks at David and lets out a laugh
He laughs like a tiger being sassed by a cat
He laughs like a hyena, grins from ear to ear
Ba-Ba-Ba-Bangin' on his armor with his ten-foot spear

He stars (starts) out for David, bangin' and a-clankin'
He said, "Come here, Junior! I'm gonna give you a spankin'!"
David took his slingshot, and swung it 'round his head

Out flew that pebble and the giant dropped
(He dropped dead) - dead!
(You know little David made a - good shot!)

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