She's the one in the corner
Not the one who's up in your face
Yeah, yeah
Mam tried to warn ya
But you tried it for yourself anyway
She's neither flesh nor blood
She knows what to do and what to say
She plays with hearts and lives for fun
And Delilah's her name

Let go of Delilah
She's after your hair
You better beware
Let go of Delilah
You don't need her
She doesn't care

So you walk on a wire
But you were saved by the net
Now you're playin' with fire
But the fire's got you starting to sweat
You've never been this high before
The elevation's blowing your mind
The simple things that you adore
Are makin' you blind
Better let go


When you're thirsty
She'll make you think
That she's a tall glass of water
But you don't have to drink
Don't forget
Who made the water
He's the only one
That can supply all your needs


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