Once upon a time in a kingdom far away
History tells a story of a prince born of slaves
In a time when sorrow filled the air
From Pharaoh's death decree
His mother gave him to the river
To find his destiny

As he grew to manhood in a palace filled with gold
He could not endure the thought of slavery in his soul
Settin out to take a journey
With the truth locked deep within
He heard the words of wisdom
Floating on the desert wind

I'll be with you through the fire
Take My hand and part the sea
If you'll trust Me I will lead you
Lead you to your destiny

Heaven's magig staff put power in his hands
So he set his people free to lead them to a better land
Though troubles seemed to follow
And pursue him to the end
He found the strength he needed
When he heard the words again


Don't be deceived
This is more than just a story
If you believe
Heaven awaits you with all its glory
When the odds are stacked against you
And you're tempted with dismay
Like the prince who heard the calling
You can hear Him say

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