Like a wind that whispers softly through the leaves (all through the leaves
Your fragrance fills my senses silently
As the twilight pours its colors on the sea
You take my simple song and write a harmony

Evermore I long to spend my life with You
In every cloud I see - I see Your light shine
But till them I'll feel Your rhythm in the rain
Evermore till we're together Evermore

In gently falling snow (oh falling)
I see my name
In every passing storm I hear the same (yes I do)
I watch the foaming tide rolling (rollin', rollin') out to sea (well)
And I dream about the promise You'll be coming back to me

Chorus (2x)

We'll be together Evermore
Evermore - forever more
We'll be together Evermore oh! oh!
I know it won't be long
An I just can't wait (no) till we're
Together Evermore!

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