Nothin' but love my brother, nothin' but love
Nothin' but love my sister, only love for ya
It's all about love come down from heaven above ya
Nothin' but love love for ya, know that I love you

What make me want to treat my brother right
When he doesn't seem to deserve it
God's love so perfect changed my frame of mind
How does He do it?
He does it with love y'all


God's love can safely warm the coldest shoulder
Shine down like summer's sun on winter's ice
Love reached out - touched my life still frozen over
Nothin' but love can kill the chill and bring new life - nothin'


Bridge: Without faith it's impossible to please Him (what about hope y'all?)
Gotta have hope that He's coming back one day
But without love, faith and hope don't ever matter (oh no)
Because Love is God and God is Love
And He will never fail - no no!

Nothin' but love, nothin' but love (nothin')
It's all about love - nothin' but love
Nothin' but love, nothin' but love (6x)


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