The other day as two men talked
I heard one say, "This road is rough.
And I don't know if I'll make it through."

Then the other turned and said
"Stay your course for just ahead
The place you seek is sure to come to you."

Over the hill is home
Just down the road is shelter
When you don't feel like trying, keep climbing
'Cause Over the hill is home

So if you ever find yourself
Out of strength in need of help
Know that hope is just a prayer away

The strength of God is always there
A faithful guide to lead you there
His mission is to show us the way

On the other side of night
Comes a day that shines so bright...

You may feel a little weary
But Jesus helps you
As you ride on His wings, yeah

Through the valleys He will guide
Keep His children by His side

Though the mountains seem so high
Oh you can make it if you try

Over the hill is home

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