I know somebody who declares he has it made
He won't admit it, but it's just a masquerade
He's a modern-day deceiver
With a case of falsehood fever
What a shame, it's just a game

And then there's good ol' sister Sarah
Ain't she sweet? (Oh, yes she is)
She gets the world, next thing you know it's in the street
By the time it's been repeated
All the truth has been deleted
What a shame, another game

Seems like everything we hear is just a tale
But I've got something that will never, ever fail
(It's called love)

Spread love, instead of spreading lies
Spread love, the truth needs no disguise
I've often said love could open any door
Oh, but I wish we had much more
More love is what we need

Then there's a family that we'll just call "the Greens"
(How 'bout 'em?)
They have subscriptions to the gossip magazines
With a twisted sense of vision
They treat rumors like religion
What a shame, it's the "same-o'-same-o'"
Well, it seemes like everything we hear is just a tale
But I believe in something that will never fail

Repeat Chorus

What the world needs now…
(I'm tellin' you love is what we need)
… is love, more love is what we need
What the world needs now is love…
(We need more love)
… more love is what we need

Repeat chorus 3 times

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