There's a stillness in my heart
And a quiet in my soul
That I never stop to hear ... no

There's a whisper crying out
Through a silent microphone
And it never

Speaking of silence...

We just play the music loud
We listen to the crowd
We laugh to numb the pain we share

And we know that talk is easy
It's the lonliness we fear
We could listen but we're scared
are you there?

Coming down to the ground
Kneeling down i can hear the sound
f your voice
Here to find the time to realign
Quiet the deafening lies
Lord i need you

Whisper softly
Hold me gently in your arms
And cradle me with love

Hold me close
Let me feel you breathe
Overwhelming love
Come speak to me
Take my love rid me of my hate
Still my beating heart
Lord kiss my face
Take these tears
You've got to set me free
Raise new life
To all the dead places inside me
Hold me close
I need to feel you breathe
Calm these storms that
Rage inside of me

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