I was lonely, but I was chasing the cash
And I was singing you to sleep, every chance that I had
And I only thinking about you, but I was doing o.k
So we can't be that bad
Can't be that bad

Quite the careful, while I'm steppin' about
Cause I don't wanna trip again on this path of doubt
One and only, words are coupled in two
When all is said and done
Well I know you
I know you
Well I know you

And all I want, is to sing you a million songs
But I know I can't
Cause I'll get the words wrong
So I just wrote on yeah
One tiny little song
Doesn't matter where you're from
It's in my heart that you belong
Doesn't matter, no

And when we go to bed, to rest our weary heads
I know what I will find, when your chest is pressed to mine
Our hearts
Our hearts will be beating
In time

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