Bobby's perfecting his Frisbee technique
I'm working on my tan
Neighbor comes over looking none to pleased
For a word across the back fence
Wonders would it be too much to ask
Could we trim the hedge
Maybe cut the grass
Umm! But Bobby and me...

Are just takin' our own sweet time
While the hummingbird hovers
'Round the honeysuckle vine
Not one moment wasted
Not one drop untasted
Of life's sweet wine
We're just takin' our own sweet time

Sun on my skin feels like some kinda gift
And when it's all said and done
Don't want to grow older thinking I mighta missed
My day in the sun
We're only taking what's coming to us
On the back porch swing
In the lap of love Umm! Bobby and me


No, it ain't no crime
We're just takin' our own sweet time

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