There's a place in the hills that I love to roam
Where the bracken shines gold in the light of the sun
There I am reminded of strength of the one
Who guards my soul from all evil

In the fire of the candle or the light of the moon
You will see that my eyes are still smiling for you
For there's no other love that warms my heart
The tender way that you do

Like the flight of the eagle my spirit does soar
To be found in your presence
I couldn't want more
For when I am there I know fullness of joy
And a peace beyond understanding

It's so soothing to walk through valleys of green
By high rugged crags and cool mountain streams
Though troubled times come and nations are torn
God's word will never be shaken

As the speed of the deer is so swift and so sure
I know that my Savior he'll come back once more
To gather his people from all tribes and lands
'Till then, I'll wait for my bridegroom
'Till then, I'll wait for my bridegroom
'Till then I'll wait for my bridegroom

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